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By going solar cost of electricity for lighting common spaces like stairways, open areas, lifts, water pumps can be significantly reduced. Residential societies and individual houses can achieve significant savings on their electricity bills and be guarded against the rising tariff rates. Installing solar generation systems will also help in appreciation of market value of your asset. You can also apply for state subsidies as applicable.


Consistent supply of electricity is a basic requirement to provide hindrance free education, healthcare, and hospitality services. Institutions can achieve significant power saving by going solar and they can also inspire our future generations on the importance of renewable energy sources. Installing solar panels help maintain an image of an environment-friendly institute and increases the brand value. Institutes can also reduce costs and charges to customers, eventually keeping them ahead of competition.

Commercial/ Industrial

Increasing overhead costs impact company’s profitability and going solar can help them save significantly on their HT power charges. Companies can utilize such saved funds in business expansion and product innovation, etc. The solar projects in a industrial or commercial place also provide consistent electricity output for seamless business operations. It also reduces peak loading of the grid saving in variable costs and business can be a part of achieving the goal of 100GW Solar Mission of India.