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Rooftop Installation

Ideal for scenarios where open ground space isn’t available. With rooftop solar empty rooftop can be used for power generation. Rooftop solar installations are known to reduce leakages and improve insulation.

Ground Mounted

Ground Mounted solar plants work well on large open space and can give benefit of significant long-term savings. Ideal for institutions and industries where captive consumption is high and open spaces are available for use.

Floating Installation

Floating solar is also known as photovoltaics or floating photovoltaic. It refers to any solar array that floats on top of a water body. Solar panels are affixed on buoyant structures, keeping them afloat on the water body surface. These floating solar panels are mostly found on lakes and dams as they are generally calmer than oceans. Floating solar is an eco-friendly method of producing electricity. It combines marine and renewable energy technology. The electricity is sent from this floating body through underwater cables to a transmission tower.